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Supporting Families & Seniors. Alleviating Hunger. Improving Mental Health.

Thank you to the JFS Board of Directors for guiding our mission. JFS is privileged to have leaders of exceptional talent and diverse backgrounds to steward our organization through ever-challenging times.

The 2023 – 2024 Officers of the JFS Board of Directors:


Molly Salky: President

Adam Goldstein: Treasurer/Secretary

Michael Lourie: Vice President Marketing

Carly Sparks: Vice President Agency Services

Rich Levy: Vice President Human Resources

Sherry Shuman: Vice President Leadership

Brian Braunstein: Immediate Past President

Board Members

Rabbi James M. Bennett
Alonzo Byrd
Amye Carrigan
Kylee K. Emert
Michael Kaplan
Julia Katzman
Mara Kraus
Matthew Lourie
Edward Macias
Denise Meckler
Julia Mendelow
Michael J. Silver
Julie Stern
Megan T. Wilson
Larry Woods

Chief Executive Officer

Miriam Seidenfeld

Past Presidents

Jan Abrams
Jill S. Belsky
Les Borowsky
Harvey E. Cantor, M.D.
Michael Goldstein
Stephen E. Green
Petie Karsh
Richard S. Marx
Brad Sandler
Robert Scharff, Jr.
Stephen A. Singer
Jacob Sosna, M.D.
Cathy Steele
Sharon A. Stein
Frederic Steinbach
Karen Suroff
Benjamin Uchitelle
David Weiss


Frank Altman z”l
Berenice Lyons z”l

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