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Conquering Back to School Anxiety

Heading back to school can stir up excitement for many children. It can also spark anxiety. From being nervous about making new friends, to managing academic expectations, it’s normal for kids to feel some anxiety ahead of the new school year. Here’s how you can help quell their fears and feel excited about the upcoming year. … Continued

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Setting Your Child Up for a Successful School Year

As the carefree days of summer end and children embark on a new school year, parents and caregivers can ease the transition and prepare their students for the year ahead. JFS School-Based Services Supervisor and Therapist, Melani Saito, works with children in St. Louis, to empower them to achieve their goals and establish healthy relationships … Continued

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Lucille’s Story

At 67 years old, Lucille faced an uphill battle managing her health. The treatments she received during her fight with breast cancer left her physically fragile and vulnerable to hospitalization. She relied on oxygen therapy to get around her home, and issues with her kidneys required her to receive dialysis three times a week. Lucille’s … Continued

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Ms. Aarons’ Story

Less than one year ago, Ms. Aarons sat alone in her St. Louis City home, struggling. She had recently gone through gastric bypass surgery in December of 2019, yet remained overweight. In addition, she was living with Lupus and suffering from significant, debilitating back pain. After meeting with her medical team several times, she was … Continued

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Shauni’s Story

Children are never too young to learn the value of giving to neighbors who need a helping hand. The first day of kindergarten, our friends at Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School (K-8) begin learning about tikkun olam (healing the world) and the importance of tzedakah. We recently had the pleasure of visiting the school to … Continued

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Betty’s Story

Betty was an 88-year-old Jewish widow who loved her community.  She spent countless years volunteering for community causes and hosted many parties for her dear friends.  Betty was thriving and living a joyous life at Covenant Place.  She had her friends she played card games with and bragged about her grandchildren at nightly dinners.  Her … Continued

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Katie’s Success Story with JFS

Katie and her stepmother first came to visit JF&CS last summer. When they entered the therapist’s office, the tension that had built up between them was visible: crossed arms, lack of eye contact, raised shoulders. It was clear that their relationship was in a difficult stage that they would need help navigating. Katie had been … Continued

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