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Apply for NAP tax credits with JFS

Applying for Neighborhood Assistant Program (NAP) tax credits with JFS

NAP tax credits enable eligible donors to direct their Missouri tax dollars to nonprofits that serve our community. The tax credit, equal to 50% of the donated amount, is used to offset a donor’s income tax liability and is claimed when you file your Missouri tax return. For example, a $5,000 gift to JFS will result in a $2,500 tax credit toward your state income tax.

The best part? NAP is mutually beneficial. If eligible, you’ll receive significant tax benefits and JFS will receive direct funding to provide a critical lifeline to older adults in our community.

Tax credits are limited by availability, with a minimum donation of $1,000 and up to $100,000.

Who is eligible?

Missouri businesses and individuals who:

  • Are a partner in a Partnership
  • Are a Shareholder(s) in an S-corporation
  • Are a Member of an LLC
  • Operate a sole proprietorship
  • Own rental property
  • Receive royalty income
What is the process?
  1. Please send your donation to JFS and indicate that it is for NAP tax credits.
  2. JFS will send you a NAP tax credit application to complete and return to us.
  3. JFS will submit your application to the Stare of Missouri, and the State will issue a tax credit letter to you for future filling purposes.
Contact Michael Biswell at 314-812-9358 or with any questions.

Download the 2023 NAP Tax Credit application here



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